Be A Blessing Today

Proverbs 11:25

Have you ever thought about why God chose to put certain people in your life? I think one of the Lord’s greatest blessings is His unique way of linking people together. Whether He puts someone good or bad in your life, He does it to make you stronger. 

Lets start off with the bad apples He throws at you. Lets face it, not everyone in this world is good. In fact, there are a lot of bad people out there on many different levels. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that not everyone chooses to love God. But it’s true, not everyone does. We can’t avoid those people either. I’m sorry to say this but it’s not realistic for all of the Christians in the world to venture off onto some paradise island. Do you know what we have to do? Face them. 

The Lord puts these people in our lives to make us stronger. He wants our eyes to be opened to what horrible things can happen when we don’t believe in Him. You might feel lost at times with people like these, but if you trust in God, He will lead you away from them for the better.

Alright, that’s enough about the bad. The Lord can do incredible things with people. I mean, look at the world around you. There’s so much good out there that humans have created. I like to think that God placed the good people on this earth to clean it up and make it sparkle. 

In my own life, the Lord has blessed me with certain people who have influenced my faith greatly. These people encourage me to step outside my comfort zone and dig deeper into my relationship with the Lord. But you know what? They don’t even know how much they are influencing me. It’s kind of like magic. Each person in Christ has a certain piece of magic within them. They are so powerful without even knowing it. 

Think about your relationship with Christ for a minute. How did it get there? Someone had to have influenced you. Think of about 3-5 people who have led to you closer to the Lord. Now, what makes them sparkle? What’s there little bit of magic that’s rubbed off on you? 

Without certain people, I wouldn’t have created this blog. If you know me, I’m not really the type to share my writing. However, a friend gave me a book called A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman. It’s a book that helps you discover the art that you were made to make for Christ. While reading it, I kept getting a feeling to start a blog. This blog has been a true blessing to me. It’s allowed me to explore God on deeper level. 

Keep your eyes wide open. The Lord has put certain people in your life to help you discover Him in ways you’ve never have before. Listen to God. He will try to tell you something through the ones around you.


Show your appreciation towards the ones who have led you to the Lord. Write them a note or text telling them how thankful you are for them. Also, be a blessing to someone today. Show your magic so they will see the wonderful ways of the Lord.


Lord, allow me to open my eyes to the people you’ve placed in my life. I thank you for the ones who have hurt me so that I draw closer to you. I thank you for the ones who have been a true blessing. Let me be a blessing to someone today so that they see how magnificent you truly are. Amen.


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