My Blessings


Potomac River, Virginia

Potomac River, Virginia

I’m blessed that my grandparents live on such a beautiful river. This is my favorite place on Earth, and I feel God’s presence every time I’m there.


God has blessed me with the best Bible study and friends a girl could ask for.


What a great day for ice cream! Blessed with this beautiful day


Had a wonderful Palm Sunday feast with the family! Blessed to have my grandparents with us tonight.

Great Lake weekend with amazing people. Thankful for them in my life


Blessed with great lacrosse teammates!


I’ve been incredibly blessed with meeting these amazing people and serving The Lord with them this week.



One thought on “My Blessings

  1. Okay. Did not know you were such an awesome Christian and writer!!! Just came across this blog on the internet. Really inspirational, Elle! 🙂 I dig it. Please keep doing this!!


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